OXI Face & Neck Spray

OXI Face & Neck Spray

For Long-Lasting Hydration, Ensuring Healthy and Radiant Complexion On The Go!

OXI Face & Neck Spray provides long-lasting hydration, ensuring healthy and radiant complexion on the go! Formulated with rejuvenating water from the Swiss Alps and fortified with Oxygenin, it’s the perfect home and travel companion for a quick burst of hydrating freshness.

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About OXI Face and Neck Spray

Maximise hydration and get an instant boost of oxygen to your skin with a few spritzes of OXI Face and Neck Spray. Pure oxygen is dissolved in pure water from the Swiss Alps using advanced compression technology. Combined with Oxygenin™, which functions like haemoglobin, your skin cells can absorb the optimum quantity of oxygen along with the pure water resulting in instantly refreshed and supple skin with long-lasting hydration.

OXI Face and Neck Spray contains no fragrance and additives and is suitable for use on the face, neck, and any part of the body.

OXI Face and Neck Spray infused pure oxygen with pure aqua from the mineral-rich Swiss Alps to give the skin quick relief and hydration in a few spritzes. The skin’s oxygen absorption and utilisation is reduced with age and harsh environment. Skin cells become less effective at retaining moisture and using oxygen for normal metabolic processes, such as regenerating and repairing the cells, as you age. The skin loses 25% of its oxygen level by age 30 and loses up to 50% by age 40.

The skin is also vulnerable to damage caused by pollutants as they can interfere with its ability to regulate moisture and fight free radicals. As a result, the skin could be left dry, clogged, splotchy, and wrinkled without proper care.

OXI Face and Neck Spray can moisturise your skin anywhere and at any time. Spruce up your look with just a few spritzes of this oxygen-rich purified water symphony.

OXI Face and Neck Spray is Best for:

  • Daily relief and hydration for tired complexion
  • Enhancing makeup with a more natural sheen
  • Freshening up after a flight or a long day
  • Protecting and soothing skin from pollution and the sun
  • Protecting and soothing skin from pollution and the sun
  • Men and women, and for all skin types

The Benefits of OXI Face and Neck Spray

  • Increases oxygen supply to the skin cells
  • Helps cells to breathe and self-regulate better in a polluted environment
  • Detoxifies the skin and gets rid of carbon dioxide by enriching it with a higher oxygen level
  • Assists in collagen and elastin production
  • Does not clog skin pores
  • Does not interfere with the skin’s normal perspiration and pH balance

Why OXI Face and Neck Spray

  • Maximises hydration: Keeps the skin supple with pure water and oxygen
  • Protects from pollution and environmental damage: Allows the skin to breathe and function better
  • Relieves fatigue: Reinvigorating effect after a long day working, exercising or travelling
  • Enhances complexion: Gives make up a more natural sheen and improves the efficacy of cosmetic applications without clogging the pores
  • Improves skin absorption: Spray before and after using face masks and creams to help the skin take in more nutrients and goodness from them
  • Soothes skin: Helps the skin to heal and recover from sunburns/redness and aesthetic treatments


  • Swiss Alps Aqua
  • Oxygenin

Storage Instructions

  • Product Should Be Stored in Cool Dry
  • Place Away From Heat And Direct Light
  • Keep away from children

Recommended Usage

  • Topical use
  • Spritz from 10cm – 15cm away onto clean, dry skin. Apply 2 – 4 times daily