Eye Cellular Peptides

Eye Cellular Peptides

For Tired Eye, Ageing Eyes or Dry Eyes After Laser Treatment

Lift your eyes back to their youthful, energetic self! Eye Cellular Peptides eye drop is specially formulated with cell-penetrating peptides that nourish the retina and slow down is aging, promote eye rejuvenation, and alleviate eyestrain.

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About Eye Cellular Peptides

Eye Cellular Peptides eye drop solution contains a proprietary blend of organ specific cellular extracts from stem cells in the region of the optic nerve and eyes. Procured and prepared from fetal precursor stem cells through multiple ultrafiltration steps, the extracts and peptides have a molecular size below 10kDa. Their highly miniscule size allows it to diffuse and migrate to the retina and optic nerve located at the back of the eyes.

The Eye Cellular Peptides eye drop solution aids in nourishing the eyes and restoring the retina and optic cells to help improve vision.

The Benefits of Eye Cellular Peptides

  • Restoration of damaged optic nerve cells
  • Regeneration of retinal ganglion cells
  • Improvement of eyesight
  • Improvement of field of vision
  • Reduced risk of vision loss
  • Continuous support of the well-being of the eyes

How Eye Cellular Peptides work

The size and homing effect of the Eye Cellular Peptides are the key factors for its effective targeted delivery to the retina and optic nerve at the back of the eye. The Eye Cellular Peptides solution is to be applied into the pocket of eye’s lower lid. From there, the eye drop solution will diffuse into the eye.

With just two drops in each eye, the peptides solution enters the eye region via the conjunctival-scleral route that bypasses the cornea and local vasculature. Due to the homing properties unique to the eye and optic nerve peptides, it will accumulate in the retina and optic nerve once it enters the eye.

Eye Disorder

Steps to Apply Eye Cellular Peptides


  • Aqua
  • Eye

Storage Instructions

  • Keep in a cool dry place
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat
  • Stored at +4°C to +16°C

Recommended Usage

  • Administered as eye drops
  • Dose – 2 drops in each eye
  • Frequency 1-2 times per day, daily, for 2-4 months
  • Application: Use either dropper or pipet