For over 20 years, LABDOM has been at the frontier of research and development of revolutionary technologies for biomolecular therapies in Switzerland & Europe, producing a diverse array of products for international brands. Those years had seen LABDOM extending its technical know-how to help develop some of the world’s most revered functional food, supplements and biomolecular peptide therapies.

With the proprietary know-how and the coordinated collaboration of numerous distinguished international anti-aging medical advisors, LABDOM became one of the leading pioneers in regenerative and rejuvenation therapies. Travelling the distance across continents, LABDOM has had the privilege of being invited to several notable international forums and symposiums where the latest technological advances in the field of biomolecular therapies and products are shared among respected medical doctors and specialists in the field of regenerative and rejuvenation protocols. At these international platforms, LABDOM was a proud recipient of several international awards and accolades, a testament to its achievements among peers in this industry.